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WildBrain’s Teletubbies are ‘reborn’ through blockchain technology as brand celebrates its 27th anniversary on March 31

London, UK – 28 March 2024 – WildBrain CPLG, a trusted licensing partner for leading brands worldwide, and MetaPals, an AI digital companion platform, have signed a global partnership to bring together one of the world’s most recognizable brands and the innovative digital era with the launch on April 20th of Teletubbies AI digital companions.

With WildBrain’s iconic Teletubbies brand celebrating its 27th anniversary on 31 March, the collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting array of renowned IPs joining the ‘MetaPals Multiverse’ in 2024. Using AI and blockchain technology, pop culture darlings Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po will become personalized, evolving digital companions within the MetaPals browser extension game engine.

A cartoon webpage with colourful cartoon aliens jumping out onto the desktop. Logo reads MetaPals.

The Teletubbies characters integrate with users’ daily browsing experiences accompanying users across the web, offering both playful interactions and practical assistance. This technology not only brings these fun characters to life in new, interactive ways but also helps to foster a sense of companionship, as brand fans and ‘kidults’ around the globe nurture their Teletubbies MetaPal online.

Each Teletubbies companion within the ‘MetaPals Multiverse’ will exhibit unique personality traits, offering users a diverse and dynamic experience. With characteristics distributed across 5000+ Teletubby companions along a spectrum, users are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience, ensuring enjoyment for all and opportunities to foster new connections with this nostalgic brand.

Ben Peace, VP, APAC at WildBrain CPLG, said: “We’re excited to see WildBrain’s Teletubbies come to life in new ways through this unique digital experience for fans. As we celebrate 27 years of the wildly popular Teletubbies franchise, this latest collaboration encapsulates the essence of childhood nostalgia while embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital age.”

Max Giammario, CEO of MetaPals, said: "Through this collaboration we're not just revisiting Teletubbyland, we're reinventing it for the digital age. By weaving in AI and blockchain, we enable the Teletubbies characters to evolve, interact, and form unique bonds with users, embodying our vision of dynamic digital companionship. With a bit of ‘MetaPals magic’, the Teletubbies are exploring beyond the hills and far away, ready to play, in ways we've never imagined."

Four cartoon aliens dress up in costumes and play with bubbles in their dome house.

For 27 years, WildBrain’s Teletubbies have been engaging and entertaining audiences across multiple generations. Seen on broadcasters and streaming platforms around the world—including a newly re-imagined live-action Netflix series featuring narrator Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), plus the brand-new CG-animated YouTube series, Teletubbies Let’s Go!—the Teletubbies offer hours of content for fans of every age.

Through their exuberance and curiosity, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po foster the developing imaginations of preschoolers in a delightful world filled with joyous exploration, visual anticipation and silly surprises. Extensive social media touch points have also seen the Teletubbies become beloved pop culture icons for older fans, adored by celebrities and culture setters around the world.

As a lifestyle brand, Teletubbies continues to captivate audiences by participating in pop culture conversations. The Teletubbies are owned by WildBrain, a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment.

Watch the Teletubbies Companion Trailer (featuring Toyah Willcox, the original narrator from 1997!) here:

Discover your Teletubby AI companion:

Digital Asset Sale Details

Mint Date: 20th April, 2024

Supply: 5000

NFT Odds: 1,100 for each Teletubby, 600 for Noo-Noo

Price: $100 - $200 USD

Each mint comes with exclusive Teletubbies accessories. Both accessories and Teletubbies NFT are tradable on the secondary market.

For more information, please contact:

Aimée Norman at Liberi Consulting, external PR for WildBrain CPLG

+44 (0) 7957 564 050

About WildBrain CPLG

WildBrain CPLG is a trusted licensing partner for leading brands worldwide, offering 50 years of expertise building consumer products and location-based entertainment programmes across the entertainment, sport, corporate and lifestyle sectors. With over 20 offices serving the UK, Europe, India, the Middle East, China, Asia Pacific and the US, WildBrain CPLG combines the strength of global reach with expertise in local markets to achieve the best results for partners. Our passionate teams consistently challenge themselves to explore new and innovative ideas and opportunities in partnerships, activations, creative and business processes to celebrate and build brands. At WildBrain CPLG, we believe that collaboration is about clarity, openness and trust, and we are widely known for our no-nonsense, straightforward approach. Our ASPIRE division offers expert Corporate & Lifestyle brand representation and management. WildBrain CPLG is part of WildBrain Ltd., a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment. Please contact us or visit the WildBrain CPLG website for more information:

About MetaPals

MetaPals is reshaping the landscape of digital interaction through AI-driven companions, seamlessly integrated into the user's online experience through a blockchain-integrated browser extension. The platform is rooted in extensive research conducted in partnership with Nanyang Technological University, focusing on the emotional bonds formed with digital entities. Financially supported by leading names in technology and venture capital such as Protocol Labs, Techstars, Tezos Foundation, and BlueYard Capital, MetaPals has established itself as a credible force in the digital companionship space.

From cultural icons like the Teletubbies and Hello Kitty to groundbreaking NFT projects like Axie Infinity, MetaPals’ diverse roster of companions ensures a rich, engaging, and continuously evolving digital companion ecosystem.

For more information on MetaPals and to join our journey towards a more connected digital future, follow us on Twitter and Instagram via @metapals


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