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Collage of animated characters and WildBrain logo with words 'Imagination runs wild'

We’re WildBrain: an industry-leading kids’ content and brands company that serves the global market. Our dedicated team is made up of artists, brand builders, content producers, licensors, digital experts, broadcasters and more, with over 1,000 people employed across offices worldwide.

At WildBrain we inspire imaginations through the wonder of storytelling.

At WildBrain we’re passionate about entertaining and engaging families globally with next generation content and experiences. We know our people are the foundation of our success and we are dedicated to building and maintaining the best work environment for our teams. We aim to foster a diverse and inclusive culture that embraces creativity, innovation, collaboration, growth and fun!

WildBrain DNA

It’s what binds us together. It’s our identity, culture and internal compass. It’s the balance that exists between our global culture and our smaller subcultures. It’s how our roots influence where we are today, and where we’re going in the future.

At WildBrain, we are always…

  • Connecting Powers: Create an environment where we all thrive together, knowing that our differences make us stronger.

  • Being Legendary: Seize every opportunity to be innovative.

  • Pursuing Awesomeness: Show up inspired to make an impact through your attitude, talents, and commitment to excellence.

  • Creating Wonder: Embrace creativity, understanding that inspiration and ideas come in many forms.

  • Building Momentum: Commit to personal development and foster an atmosphere of learning and growth.

Belonging @ WildBrain logo

Diversity, equity and inclusion are in our DNA.

As a global leader in kids and family entertainment, we strive to re­flect and honour the diversity of our audiences around the world. Creating diverse and inclusive content and brands begins with fostering a culture of belonging at WildBrain and seeking partners who share these values. In building a culture where every individual feels valued and respected, we’ll spark creativity, inspire imaginations and harness the power of diversity.

We’re proud to have been recognized in The Globe and Mail’s Women Lead Here 2024, an annual benchmark identifying Canadian organizations leading the way in gender diversity at the executive level.

Annual Belonging Report

As part of our ongoing commitment to building an inclusive and equitable space at WildBrain, we began publishing an annual belonging report, which touches on many important elements of our Belonging @WildBrain program, including employee data, ongoing global diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and representation within our content, IP and brands. These reports reaffirm our commitment to remaining intentional and accountable towards our ultimate goal of building a culture where everyone feels seen, valued and respected. 

Read the 2022 report here.

Read the 2023 report here.

Belonging Principles

The Belonging Principles are at the core of our definition of Belonging and serve as a reminder of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as a deeply held belief.

At WildBrain…

  • Diversity extends beyond what is visibly apparent.

  • We create space for everyone to be their true selves.

  • The strength of our business and culture is grounded in the diversity of our ideas, experiences and perspectives.

  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable to integrating DEI into who we are, how we work, the decisions we make, our content and our brands.

  • Any behaviour that con­flicts with the safety of and respect for each other is not tolerated.

Collage of WildBrain employees in different events and work environments

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