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New series to air on Canal J in France and Italy’s Frisbee 

Halifax, NS - 8 April 2013 - DHX Media, a leading independent producer, distributor and licensor of mainly children’s entertainment content, has signed major deals for its new series SheZow with Lagardère Active TV Channel Division and Switchover Media, which recently became part of Discovery Group in Italy.

Lagardère Active TV Channel Division has secured the broadcast rights to season one of SheZow for France with broadcast planned this fall on CANAL J, a channel aimed at 6- to 12-years-olds.

“Adventure, action and humour: SheZow is exactly what children love. It’s a perfect series for our channel and our viewers,” declare Caroline Cochaux and Caroline Mestik at the programs direction for youth and family channels of Lagardère Active.

Switchover Media’s kids’ channel FRISBEE in Italy will also feature the superhero after signing a five-year deal with DHX Media.

Paola Chincoli, Head of Acquisitions for kids’ channels at Switchover Media, says: “We are thrilled to launch a series like SheZow, with a potential global appeal to both girls and boys and such an energetic mixture of action and comedy elements.”

Created by showrunner Obie Scott Wade and produced by Moody Street Kids and Kickstart Productions Inc along with partners Film Victoria and Vision Animation the 26 x 30’ (52 x 11’) series filmed in HD and currently in production, is aimed at kids aged 6-12. DHX Media has worldwide (except Australia) TV and licensing and merchandising to the show.

In SheZow, Guy lives the dream of every rough and tumble boy when he discovers an awesome power ring which transforms him into a mighty superhero! Pretty cool, huh? Well, there’s just one tiny catch - the ring that gives Guy his amazing super powers was only meant to be worn by a girl and the result is absolutely she-larious!

Josh Scherba, SVP, Distribution at DHX Media, says: “SheZow is an exciting new project for us which we hope will win a dedicated following and we are thrilled to have these secured key broadcast partners. Our commitment to fresh and original programming alongside classics continues to be a great strength of the DHX Media catalogue.”

For more information, please contact:

Janet Balmforth at DDA Blueprint PR for DHX Media +44 (0) 20 8868 0511/+ 44 (0) 7748 185656 or

About DHX Media DHX Media ( is a leader in the creation, production and licensing of family entertainment rights.  DHX Media owns, markets and distributes over 8,500 half hours of children's entertainment content, and exploits owned properties through its consumer products licensing business.  DHX Media is  recognized for  brands such as Caillou, Busytown Mysteries, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, Animal Mechanicals, Kid vs. Kat, Super WHY!, Rastamouse, and Yo Gabba Gabba!. The company also provides programming for Cookie Jar TV, the weekend morning block on CBS.  DHX Media's full-service international licensing agency, Copyright Promotions Licensing Group, (CPLG), represents numerous entertainment, sport and design brands. DHX Media has offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Halifax, London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Netherlands and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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