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New commission for preschool series

Toronto, ON - 25 March 2011 - DHX Media has received a commission for a new CG animated series Monster Math Squad, starring lovable monsters who help children develop formative math-related skills. The 30x12’ preschool show will be produced for CBC and SRC in Canada by DHX Media’s Halifax-based studio, further boosting DHX’s library of standout preschool properties.

“We all know that preschoolers love to learn,” says Kim Wilson, Creative Head for Children’s and Youth Programming at CBC, “so taking a concept like early numeracy and pairing it with a fantastic monster world of fun is a winning combination. DHX has a history of creating wonderful user-focused programs of the highest quality so we are thrilled. You can count on Monster Math Squad to make a difference for kids!” Monster Math Squad is created by DHX Media’s Jeff Rosen who also created DHX shows Poko, Animal Mechanicals and Bo on the GO.

Got a problem with a pesky Picky Eater Monster who only wants to eat three round red things at precisely seven o’clock on Thursdays? Have no fear (well, maybe a little…), the Monster Math Squad is here! The Monster Math Squad love to use their monster math skills to help their fellow monsters in trouble.

The show stars the lovable monsters BOB, LILY and GOO. While they may not be the biggest, or bravest (or even the brainiest) monsters on the block, the Squad loves nothing better than to put their monster minds together and use their math skills to overcome any obstacle they face… even ones with two left feet or ten thumbs.

The Monster Math Squad is quite simply mad for math and all things “mathy”… counting, measuring, sizing, sorting, exploring shapes, patterns, time… you name it, it’s all math to these monsters. For the Monster Math Squad, math can solve any problem. The series’ mission is to promote the love of numeracy, the understanding that math is everywhere, and the realization that math is fun!

For further information please contact: Aimee Norman at Blueprint PR Tel: +44 (0) 208 341 6171 Email:  Anthony Jiwa, DHX Media Tel: +1 604 684 2363 x215 Email:

About DHX Media Ltd. DHX Media Ltd. is a leading international leader in television production and distribution, interactive content and entertainment licensing, with an emphasis on children, family and youth markets. With offices in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver and Los Angeles and three award-winning production facilities, including the recently acquired WildBrain Entertainment, DHX Media is the producer or co-producer of over 40 original television series and maintains a library of over 2,300 half-hours of television productions that spans both animated and live action programming. Live action series include That's So Weird, How to be Indie and This Hour Has 22 Minutes; animated series include Animal Mechanicals, Kid vs Kat, dirtgirlworld, Franny's Feet, Martha Speaks and new preschool show, Rastamouse. DHX Media Ltd. shares are listed on the TSX, the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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