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The Deep

Wednesday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET on CHRGD

The Deep follows the adventures of the Nekton family—a brilliant team of underwater explorers. With state-of-the-art technology and an unquenchable thirst for discovery, the Nektons explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, where most of our world lies unexplored and unexplained. While others look up to the stars, this family knows that an infinite number of things shine brightly in the darkness below. The deep is a place where leviathans swim through sunken cities, where pirates lurk amidst floating black markets, and where a mysterious group of Guardians hide long lost secrets.

Recent Press Releases

"Here Be Dragons"

A dragon hunting expedition leads Ant to find an ancient scroll that holds clues to an amazing mystery.  But his family are trapped by the dragon and only Ant and Jeffrey can save them!  And Jeffrey’s a fish!

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"The Dark Ocra"

The Dark Orca Pirates attack!  They believe the Nektons have a rare treasure aboard their sub.  To escape, Kaiko is going to have to guide the Aronnax through an erupting, undersea volcano!  But can the sub survive?

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A new artificial intelligence running the sub stops the Nektons from saving a kayaker because it’s too dangerous.  When the Nektons try to shut her down, she takes over completely!  Can Ant outwit A.I.M.Y. and save the day?

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"Digging Deeper"

The object that Will and Ant are retrieving from the deepest part of the ocean is not what they expected. Is it a weapon? They’ve been duped.  And now there’s a stowaway on the Aronnax, trying to take control of it. 

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