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Space Ranger Roger

Everyday at 5:15 p.m. ET on Family Jr.

Space Ranger Roger is a brave little alien helping Earth friends in need. When Roger picks up a distress signal from an Earth creature, it’s his mission as a Space Ranger to identify the problem, and lead his team of rambunctious Ranger Bots to save the day!

"Roger's Shoe Business"

While searching for a boy’s missing shoe, Roger and the bots encounter a vacuum cleaner and mistake it for a primitive bot. Roger tries to activate it, but soon their efforts send it blasting off out of control!

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"Roger Sticks the Landing"

Roger and the bots go overboard when repairing the wheel on a boy’s scooter, which rockets away with Roger stuck fast to an errant blob of icky-liqui-sticky stuff!

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"Roger Horses Around"

Roger and the bots try to recruit a scarecrow to help them return a foal to its mother, but when they accidentally send the scarecrow flying, the foal runs away too! It’s up to Roger to bring the foal home.

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"Roger's Dinosaur Disorder"

An attempt to fix a broken dinosaur balloon leads to a gigantic runaway inflatable dinosaur rampaging around the world, and only Roger can stop it!

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