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Lego Friends

New Episodes Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. ET/PT

The Lego Friends follows the everyday lives of five girls in Heartlake City. Emma, Olivia, Andrea, Mia and Stephanie all have distinct personalities and interests, such as animals, performing arts, invention and design. Each day brings a new adventure for the fabulous friends!

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"New Girl in Town"

When the World Petacular comes to Heartlake City and is almost ruined before it’s even started, five feisty girls unite, despite their differences, using their creativity to save the day.

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"Stephanie's Surprise Party"

When Emma, Olivia, Andrea and Mia plan a surprise party for Stephanie’s birthday, they soon discover that it’s not easy keeping their plans secret from Stephanie who becomes suspicious when none of the girls have time to hang out.

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