WildBrain is home to some of the world’s most-loved kids’ and family brands, including PeanutsTeletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, Inspector Gadget, In the Night Garden, Twirlywoos and Degrassi. We specialize in creating, building and maintaining high-profile global entertainment brands and we license consumer products across major territories worldwide. With expertise in brand development, licensing, marketing and creative, we build and manage brands that captivate and inspire through engaging content, first-class distribution, quality consumer products, immersive live experiences and digital media.


"It’s Time for Teletubbies" – A brand new series featuring the same much loved characters – Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po –  hit screens late 2015 in the UK and rolled out internationally in 2016. With a re-invigorated look for 21st century pre-schoolers, the new series showcases a fun and humorous world which captures the imagination of children and encourages them to learn from the world around them through laughter, other children and the power of technology. The brand new series has 120 episodes and has been seen in over 220 territories across linear and VOD television. With up to 100 million views on YouTube per month, Teletubbies continues to captivate new audiences.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake has grown and evolved since her creation in 1980. The moms who loved her in the '80s can now share her with their daughters through Netflix, DVDs, apps, and of course, dolls – which still boast their iconic scent. With an international presence reaching markets around the world, from Brazil to France to Turkey, Strawberry Shortcake is truly a global property. Keep an eye out for a brand new Strawberry Shortcake; a new kids’ series is currently in development!

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden is an enchanting and captivating world full of fascinating stories, nursery rhymes, music and humour which takes children 1 to 3 years old on an imaginative journey of discovery and understanding. Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka have become a part of bedtime rituals for many preschoolers, and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. In the Night Garden is currently in the top 6th preschool toy property, with a strong licensing program in the UK, Australia and China.


Twirlywoos presents children aged 2 to 5 years with a funny flight of discovery. Featuring adorable antics of four characters, Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick, the series incorporates child-centric slapstick humour that encourages preschoolers to gain confidence in their own perceptions of the world.  Following a strong performance for the series on CBeebies UK, the award-winning toys and licensing program is a hit with young audiences. Twirlywoos, is now in its second series in the UK and proving a hit with international audiences.

Mega Man

Aki Light is a regular, upbeat, robot schoolboy. He lives in the futuristic world of Silicon City, co-inhabited by robots and humans. But this robot boy has a secret... Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! When the villainous Sgt. Night and his evil team of Robot Masters emerge with ill-intentions, Mega Man dedicates himself to protecting the citizens of Silicon City. Equipped with his Mega Buster arm cannon and the ability to absorb the powers of his opponents, he bravely battles the wickedest of villains. In this brand new series inspired by the iconic Mega Man video game, comical, action-packed adventures abound as we follow the journey of Aki Light and his alter-ego, Mega Man, as he strives to balance life as an ordinary robot boy AND an amazing superhero.

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