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THE FAMILY MEDIAVERSE: Building Bonds Through Shared Entertainment

WildBrain’s new research, “THE FAMILY MEDIAVERSE: Building Bonds Through Shared Entertainment”, commissioned from Savanta, reveals new trends around where and why families consume content and suggests omni-platform media strategies across gaming and streaming are strongest for engaging kids, teens and parents.

WildBrain’s Media Solutions team are experts in kids’, family and teen content and advertising. We use our deep audience knowledge through COPPA-compliant insight tools to create contextual media solutions that engage audiences and enhance the power of brands across gaming platforms, YouTube, AVOD and FAST channels.

Want to learn more? Contact WildBrain’s Media Solutions team:

grid of 3 families. mother, father, daughter playing console game. brother and sister playing on mobile phones. family of kids, parents and grandparents watching tv with popcorn

Want to learn about the latest media consumption habits of kids and families? You’ll love our research package.

Key insights include:


  • Kids and teens are continuing to curate their own ‘omni-platform’ content experiences.

  • Co-gaming has emerged as a key trend—especially with moms.

  • YouTube and Roblox have a symbiotic relationship for audience engagement

  • Brands are desired and can bring value to gaming experiences


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