DJ Lance, to star in new web series ‘DJ Lance and the Upbeat Retreat ’ Out Now!

With a fresh look, and all new companions, family favourite DJ Lance is back with a brand new series, that – in true Lance Rock style – is packed full of energy and catchy tunes that are bound to get your kids up and moving. (Upbeat Retreat)

Using song, dance, and movement, ‘DJ Lance and the Upbeat Retreat’ aims to deliver educationally enriching content to children on subjects that really matter.

With the help of The Inquizateam, made up of Clef, Treb, Mixy and Base (four cheeky characters who live in a magical gramophone) DJ Lance promises to find the answers to children’s difficult questions through embarking on exciting musical adventures.

Watch Episode One on the Yo Gabba Gabba + Friends Channel HERE