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New offices opening in Singapore, Taipei and Seoul; existing Shanghai licensing team expanding under agency

Opportunities open for licensing professionals to join our world-leading team

London & Shanghai – 7 April 2022 – WildBrain CPLG, a world-leading entertainment, sport and brand licensing agency, is continuing to strengthen its global footprint with expansion across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and the launch of new dedicated offices in Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. Additionally, the licensing team who are part of WildBrain’s existing Shanghai operations will be expanded and renamed WildBrain CPLG China. The new and existing operations will service the entire APAC region across approximately a dozen countries.

Four happy alien-like creatures with antennae dancing in a line on a field of grass

Teletubbies is one of the many iconic brands represented by WildBrain CPLG in APAC

Maarten Weck, EVP & Managing Director of WildBrain CPLG, will lead the APAC expansion and be responsible for the management and growth of WildBrain CPLG’s team and business across the region. WildBrain’s  current licensing team in Shanghai, managed by Jianbo Wei, Managing Director for China, will be integrated into WildBrain CPLG and expanded. Wei will also continue to oversee WildBrain's content business in China.

The agency is now looking to rapidly build its leadership, management and wider marketing and licensing teams to drive the expansion, with new positions open in APAC and London. WildBrain CPLG is part of WildBrain Ltd., a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment with 360-degree IP-management capabilities across content production, distribution and consumer products licensing.

Maarten Weck said: “With the expansion of our business across the greater APAC region, we’ll offer both existing and potential new partners a truly global licensing solution, not only through a broadened footprint in the territory, but also through access to our wider network of global offices and integrated way of working. We’re looking to rapidly grow our team in APAC, with support in London, and we look forward to receiving interest from talented professionals who want to join our world-leading team at this exciting time.”

While offering existing licensors access to new markets, WildBrain CPLG’s expansion into APAC will also aim to build the agency’s portfolio with new representation for local brands and licensors. WildBrain CPLG in APAC currently represents and manages WildBrain-owned brands, such as Strawberry Shortcake, In the Night Garden, Inspector Gadget and Teletubbies, as well as select existing third-party IP rights across its entertainment and lifestyle portfolios, including SEGA, Sauber Motorsport, Absolut, Malibu, Parental Advisory, The Master Lock Company, Yale University and the University of Southern California, with more to come.

To learn more about opportunities to join WildBrain CPLG’s world-leading team, please contact:

Media inquiries, please contact:

Chris Chen at WildBrain (Shanghai) Consulting Company Limited +86 138 1815 4588

Aimée Norman at The DDA Group +44 (0) 7957 564 050

About WildBrain CPLG

WildBrain CPLG is a world-leading entertainment, sport and brand licensing agency, with offices in the UK, Benelux, Nordics, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Greece & Turkey, Russia, India, the Middle East and the US. With 50 years of experience in the licensing industry, WildBrain CPLG provides its clients with dedicated licensing and marketing professionals and fully integrated product development, legal and accounting services. WildBrain CPLG believes that collaboration is about clarity, openness and trust, and is widely known for its no-nonsense, straightforward approach. WildBrain CPLG is part of WildBrain Ltd., a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment. Please contact us or visit the WildBrain CPLG website for more information:

Visit WildBrain online at or





伦敦&上海,2022年4月7日 – 沃贝CPLG作为一家全球领先的娱乐、体育和品牌授权机构,正筹备进军亚太地区,在新加坡、台北和首尔设立新的专门办事处,继续加强其全球影响力。此外,作为沃贝公司现有上海业务一部分的授权团队亦将扩招,并更名为沃贝CPLG上海分公司。新业务和现有业务将覆盖整个亚太地区的十几个国家。




沃贝CPLG在为现有的许可方提供进入新市场的机会的同时,在亚太地区的扩张还将致力于建立该机构的投资组合,为当地品牌和许可方提供新的机会。亚太地区的沃贝CPLG目前代理并管理沃贝旗下的品牌,如草莓甜心、花园宝宝、神探加杰特和天线宝宝,并选择把现有的一些第三方娱乐和生活品牌带入亚太地区,包括世嘉、索伯车队、绝对伏特加、Malibu、Parental Advisory、Master Lock Company,耶鲁大学和南加州大学,以及其他更多的品牌。

想要了解更多加入沃贝 CPLG世界顶尖团队的机会,请联系:

Media inquiries, please contact:


沃贝(上海)咨询管理有限公司 陈敏

+86 138 1815 4588

DDA集团 艾美·诺曼 +44 (0) 7957 564 050

关于沃贝 CPLG

沃贝CPLG是一家世界领先的娱乐、体育和品牌授权机构,在英国、比荷卢、北欧、法国、德国、意大利、西班牙、瑞典、波兰、希腊和土耳其、俄罗斯、印度、中东和美国均设有办事处。凭借在授权行业50年的经验,沃贝CPLG为其客户提供专门的授权和营销专业人员,以及全面集成的产品开发、法律和会计服务。沃贝 CPLG认为,协作基于公开、开放和信任,并以其求真务实、简单直接的工作方式而广为人知。沃贝CPLG是沃贝公司的一部分,该公司是儿童和家庭娱乐领域的全球领导者。请联系我们或访问CPLG官方网站www.cplg.com了解更多信息。



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