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Halifax, NS - 4 February 2013 - DHX Media, a leading independent producer, distributor and licensor of mainly children’s entertainment content, reveals tidbit of story line for the 100th episode of its side splitting series, Johnny Test.

In the highly anticipated 6th season, Johnny will be featured in his 100th episode, written by the creator himself, Scott Fellows.  Fellows is known best for his work as the creator and executive producer of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and  Big Time Rush.

Fellow’s comments: “When I think of doing 100 episodes of Johnny, I'm really kinda blown away. For three seasons, I’ve written a series-ending finale, but our audience keeps growing so we keep going.  Johnny still surprises us and makes us laugh.  We're so grateful the kids (and some adults) keep watching! In this new season we have our 100th half hour episode.  It’s a special two-part episode. I’m not going to say too much, but I will say Johnny has fallen into a fairy tale sleep and can’t be woken.  Everyone tries to help wake him up before it’s too late … you’ll just have to tune in and find out what’s going to happen to Johnny and the gang.”

Josh Scherba, SVP of Distribution at DHX Media, adds: “Johnny Test is a show with great energy and laughs.  We are thrilled to have the original creator, Scott Fellows, writing the 100th episode of this hit show. DHX Media prides itself on producing and managing dynamic properties and Johnny Test is a fantastic example of this.”

The 6th season of this high energy comedy adventure, aimed at 6-11 year olds, is produced by DHX Media as an original production for TELETOON Canada and Cartoon Network channels around the world. The latest season of 26 x 30 minutes is jam-packed with rockin’ robots, warped villains and more hilarious escapades than ever before (if that’s even possible), which are all staples in the life of the Test family and their talking dog, Dukey.

The mile-a-minute animation now comprised of 117 episodes follows the comedy adventures of an 11-year old boy who serves as the ultimate guinea pig for his two brainiac sisters, Susan and Mary, who constantly test out their latest experiments on their dear brother which is scientifically proven to cause gut busting laughs!

For more information please contact:

Janet Balmforth at DDA Blueprint PR for DHX Media +44 (0) 20 8868 0511 or

About DHX Media DHX Media ( is a leader in the creation, production and licensing of family entertainment rights.  DHX Media owns, markets and distributes over 8,500 half hours of children's entertainment content, and exploits owned properties through its consumer products licensing business.  DHX Media is  recognized for  brands such as Caillou, Busytown Mysteries, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, Animal Mechanicals, Kid vs. Kat, Super WHY!, Rastamouse, and Yo Gabba Gabba!. The company also provides programming for Cookie Jar TV, the weekend morning block on CBS.  DHX Media's full-service international licensing agency, Copyright Promotions Licensing Group, (CPLG), represents numerous entertainment, sport and design brands. DHX Media has offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Halifax, London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Netherlands and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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