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My Perfect Landing

Premieres March 1, 2020 on Family Channel

Talented young gymnast, Jenny Cortez, moves to a new city when her family gets the opportunity to run their own gymnastics club. With new friends and an intimidating new school, Jenny looks to persevere and become the gymnastics legend she was born to be.


The Cortez family take a big leap and move from Miami to Toronto to open a new gymnastics club.

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Jenny tries to earn a spot on the school gymnastics team, but there’s no way Olivia will let that happen.

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Jenny’s new best friends, Rachel and Keisha, prepare a song and dance performance for the grand opening of Cortez Gymnastics. The big day becomes complicated when Jenny gets a surprise visit from her school’s gymnastics coach, Miss Allister.

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Gus invites a reporter to write a magazine article about Cortez Gymnastics, but, when the reporter arrives, he turns out to be one of Gus’s old gymnastics rivals. The Cortez clan must convince the reporter not to write a negative article

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