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Malory Towers

Tuesday - Friday at 6pm ET/PT

Perched high on the sun-drenched cliffs of the Cornish coast, Malory Towers is an all-girls’ boarding school. It’s a protected paradise, bursting with energy, fun…and mystery.

12-year-old Darrell is one of the newest girls to join the North Tower – her dreams of adventure and independence come true when Malory Towers surpasses her expectations, but Darrell soon realises the expectations she has of herself are harder to live up to. Packed full of midnight feasts, lacrosse games, jolly picnics and a mysterious ghost story – Malory Towers has adventure and excitement around every corner!



Darrell Rivers settles in for her first day at Malory Towers. In awe of her new school she keeps her past at St. Hilda’s (her old school) a close secret. Always in the thick of it - Darrell has a hairy start at the train station and when odd sounds are heard in the dorm, learns about the ghost of Lady Jane Malory!

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Jealous Gwen is determined to find out more about Darrell’s past and leaves the school in pursuit of the truth—will Darrell be able to find her before her secret is revealed?

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In an attempt to impress Alicia, Darrell unleashes a prank in Mam’zelle’s class. Trick sweets sent by Alicia’s brothers cause havoc over the school and the strange happenings continue when a mysterious red handprint appears in the dorm! Sally sneaks out of the dorm at night when she hears footsteps - is it the ghost?

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