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Heirs of the Night

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Europe, 1889: the Heirs of the five remaining vampire clans in Europe are brought together on the ship The Elisabetha to attend the newly created vampire school. Unlike their parents, the they need to join forces and become stronger than ever in order to survive.


Lars af Dracas- the heir to the Dracas vampire clan - overhears the Noaidi predict the future of all vampires; if the clans don’t reunite they will get extinct. Lars’ father - Baron Magnus sends out a message to the five remaining clan to join forces. 

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All the other vampire clans decide to set sail with the Elisabetha for Hamburg, to pick up the one clan that hasn’t responded. Right on time as the Vamalias are being hunted by the Redmasks. Alisa is hiding on a roof where she meets a human boy; Nicu. She really likes him, but Hindrik - her family’s Shadow vampire – is on the roof to rescue her.

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The heirs are placed into the care of the Nosferas Clan as their Elders say goodbye. Their Shadow vampires are left with them, to take care of them. Joanne is also allowed to keep Easy the rat and other pets on the ship as her clan’s power is talking with animals. She will need them to teach the other heirs this power. Joanne immediately hits it off with Tammo. Malcolm - the oldest heir on the ship strikes up a friendship with Lars.

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