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Dwight in Shining Armor

Mondays at 7pm ET/PT

Dwight, a modern-day teen, has unwittingly awakened an ancient world of medieval mayhem. Now, Dwight is spellbound to protect the headstrong Princess Gretta from a host of witches, warlocks, warriors, and creatures most foul. 


While exploring the woods outside his suburban town, Dwight (a 21st century teen) accidentally awakens a Gothic princess, Gretta, along with her court magician Baldric, and scores of medieval villains.

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Jacopo the Troubadour demands that Gretta relinquish her throne; using his magical lute he entrances the citizens of Woodside to do his bidding in his quest.

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Dwight’s community service project follows him home in the shape of the adorable puppy, Peanut; Gretta and Baldric swear that the harmless puppy is something much more menacing.

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