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Degrassi: Next Class

Season four of Degrassi: Next Class picks up with the students returning to school from their winter break, many for their final semester. Still reeling from the reality of Maya’s accident, Degrassi Community School is carefully monitoring everyone’s mental health and ensuring that all students have someone to talk to. While exploring situations teens commonly struggle with today, such as break ups and make ups, peer pressure and balancing academia with personal life, season four also continues to focus on the lives of the Syrian refugees as they try to find their place at Degrassi. The new season also marks the graduation of some of the series’ most beloved characters, but not before a beautiful yet dramatic prom


Grace and Jonah keep their relationship on the DL, while Tristan starts back at school. Meanwhile, Esme is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her man.

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Frankie is uploading some questionable posts on her socials so Esme encourages her re-curate her online persona. Meanwhile, Shay is determined to up her game to get scouted.

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Goldi has been flirting with Winston and doesn’t even know it. Meanwhile, Miles questions a post-grad opportunity that seems too good to be true.

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After a terrorist attack in Brussels, the Muslim students at Degrassi find themselves in some very heated situations. Meanwhile, Grace creates a bucket list.

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