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Mondays at 7:30pm ET/PT

Social media baking sensation Rosanna Pansino invites viewers into her larger-than-life sugary wonderland of Baketopia, where contestants have access to every ingredient and tool imaginable to conquer viral-worthy challenges and snag major cash prizes. In each episode, brilliant bakers – ranging from amateurs to seasoned professionals – fill their carts with unique ingredients to build trendsetting desserts creative, tasty, and visually stunning enough to garner the praise of Rosanna and her “Cake Council.” Grab your apron and step into this endless confectioner’s paradise – where bakers can experiment, be themselves, and taste their full potential!


For their First Tier challenge, Pavani, Gregory, and Lena hope to transport the judges to paradise with stunningly delicious cocktail-inspired cupcakes. Next, they level-up with dreamy, hand-sculpted tropical jelly cakes that capture the lifelike beauty of the ocean. But which baker will blow the competition out of the water?

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Using liquid nitrogen to freeze their signature flavors into existence, Heather, Andrew, and Darlene cook up completely original, completely scrumptious ice cream sandwiches. Next, their unique approaches to baking gravity cakes leave the judges faced with the weighty decision to pick a single standout.

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Gelia, Harvey, and Dani craft hollow chocolate domes that should - if all goes to plan - melt away to reveal edible surprises sure to make the judges swoon. Next, they keep the spark alive with two-sided wedding cakes that are 50% them, 50% their spouses - and 100% delicious. Let's just hope their technical approach is as sturdy as their unions!

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