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Twelve-year-old Max Graham is President and CEO of a tiny start-up company he and his neighbourhood pals run out of his parents’ garage. Their dream is simple enough: To one day invent an amazing product, change the world and maybe even make a bajillion dollars in the process!


Max and the gang build a drone delivered coffee service, a vibrating headband and a super juicer as they try to qualify for InventiveCon and find a way to keep Bryan awake at the wheel.

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Max is humiliated on “The Gracie Show” when their multi-purpose spray can malfunctions. Noodles and Alicia get locked out of the studio when they go looking for the perfect TV clothes.

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Kaylyn and Alicia struggle to come up with a new name for the company. Noodles’ love detection device disrupts the group’s harmony and must ultimately be destroyed.  

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