Rev & Roll

Five happy kids sitting in their vehicles in the middle of a road. Each kid has a different colour and a different type of vehicle. They are all wearing helmets.

Join 8-year-old Rev and his best friend, Rumble—a rambunctious, powerful truck with a puppy personality—as they go on adventures in their hometown of Fender Bend! Everyone in town has their own unique four-wheeled buddy at their side. But Rev and Rumble are the ultimate pair. With Rev’s big ideas and Rumble’s truck power, these two are always revved up and ready to roll!

Each day brings a new adventure, a new challenge, and something epic to learn along the way, whether they’re helping Rev’s family on their ranch, wheeling around town, or roaring through the surrounding wilderness. Along for the ride are Avery and her feline ATV Alley, Owen and his jumpy frog-like racecar Crash, Lori and her powerful horse-like truck Tipper, and Bo and his shy, elephantine fire truck Spritzer. This energized group of friends are always in motion, bringing a high-octane spin to everything they do. Join the fun—let’s rev and roll!

Target Audience: Preschool

Format: 52 x 11'

Genre: 3-D Animation