Chuck’s Choice

For Chuck McFarlane, life is all about making choices. But lucky for him, Chuck’s life choices are a bit more mind-blowingly awesome than the rest of ours since he is…the DECIDER! Through an intergalactic gift from the stars, Chuck was bestowed with what may be the greatest device in the universe…the U-Decide 3000, giving him the power to literally choose his next adventure! Some choices turn out great, others, not so much. After all, the power of flight sounds amazing, but what if it came with a larva sac attached to your abdomen? Suddenly everyone’s looking at you like you’re a bit strange. While most kids have very limited choices, this 10-year-old gets to control his destiny and go on one thrilling adventure after another without any boring ol’ adults telling him what to do, and with his best friend Misha and brother Norm coming along for the ride!


Target Audience: Kids

Format: 40 x 11 minutes

Genre: 2-D Animation

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