DHX Media is committed to good corporate governance practices. In accordance with guidelines recommended by securities regulators, our board of directors has formed an Audit Committee, a Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee, and a Human Resources and Compensation Committee. Our board, with the support of these committees, is responsible for enhancing and preserving long term shareholder value and ensuring that DHX Media conducts business in an ethical and safe manner.

DHX Media, its directors, officers and employees are governed by the following corporate governance mandates, charters and policies:

Constating Documents and By-Laws

Chair and Lead Director Position Descriptions

Board of Directors’ Mandate

Audit Committee Charter

Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee Charter

Human Resources and Compensation Committee Charter

Production Financing Committee Charter

Corporate Finance Committee Charter

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Disclosure Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Whistle Blower Policy
           Integrity Action Line

Majority Voting Policy

DHX Media’s variable voting shares trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (symbol:  DHXM).  As a Canadian-listed corporation on the NASDAQ, DHX is not required to comply with certain NASDAQ governance standards so long as it complies with Canadian corporate governance practices. The link below summarizes the significant differences between DHX’s governance practices and those NASDAQ requirements followed by U.S. domestic issuers.

NASDAQ Corporate Governance

Special Operating Procedures for Monitoring Share Ownership

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