The Biggest Costume Trends this Halloween

Published: October 12, 2018

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Spooktober is here. Have you decided what costumes your kids are wearing this year? 

If that question has you breaking into a sweat, fear not – WildBrain is here to help.  

Our team of expert data analysts have scoured the Internet and put together a list of the biggest kids’ costume trends this Halloween season, to help parents like you stay one step ahead.


 1. Witches and Hippies  

Did you know that the two most searched-for kids’ costume themes this year are witches and hippies? It looks like 2018 is their time to shine.* 

Let Malice and Esme from hit kids’ show Kiddyzuzaa be your inspiration for this one.
The wicked witch in a kingdom of unconventional princesses, Malice is actually a big-hearted prankster. Her sense of style is just as original as the princesses’ and she tops it all off with a long, purple wig.  

Esme, on the other hand, is Kiddyzuzaa’s resident hippie princess. She’s a total wild child and has a magical bond with nature. The outfits she wears perfectly reflect her whimsical character and can easily be recreated at home, with a pair of harem pants and some glitter.  


 2. Pirates 

Pirate costumes have been a favorite ever since parents discovered how cute their kids look with a tiny eyepatch and bandana. And they’re not alone — we’re seeing a 80% increase in this type of online searches this Halloween season. 

To put your own, cute spin on the trend, get inspired by Caillou and his rainy afternoon pirate adventure. 


 3. Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland  

Nostalgia- and fantasy-inspired Halloween costumes are taking this year by storm. Online searches for Little Red Riding Hood costume items have more than doubled over the past week. Cuteness guaranteed; wolf optional, but encouraged for a BFF costume. 

Another fantasy-inspired favorite this year is the Alice in Wonderland theme. The story abounds with vibrant characters, so kids will have plenty to choose from for their costume. The most popular choices include the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter, both with a 70% increase in popularity. 

These costume ideas embody a brave, exploratory spirit that’s essential to a healthy and happy childhood. You can continue in that vein by playing a few episodes of Ellie Explorer at your kids’ Halloween party. 

Bonus: Ellie herself makes for a terrific costume! 



 4. Zombies 

Did you know that, last year, zombies brought in the most YouTube views in Halloween-related content? The theme is also becoming popular as a kids’ costume this year, with a 50% increase in online searches and parents putting a cute spin on the classic, horror movie zombie. 

Variations include Zizi, from beloved kids’ cartoon Spookiz. Zizi is a tiny, adorable zombie girl, whose costume is easily achievable with just some green body paint and a pair of high pigtails. 


 5. Ninjas and LEGO  

Thanks to the success of last year’s LEGO Ninjago Movie, LEGO- and ninja-themed Halloween costumes are joining this season’s favorites. Online searches for ninja costumes alone have increased by 180% over the past week. Recreating the look isn’t too difficult either – just make sure the katana is kid-safe (foam and soft plastic are your best bets). 

If you’re more of a LEGO fan (because who doesn’t love LEGO?), there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular include LEGO Batman and Spiderman, LEGO Fortnite characters or WildBrain’s very own Billy Bricks. All you need for this one is a brown wig, a selfie stick and a pair of aviator sunglasses.  



*All our insights come directly from WildBrain’s data experts, who work closely with Tubular Labs; and from Google Trends. 

Posted by Sev Marcel

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