WildBrain Kids Videos Hub Channel Hits 100,000 Subscribers

Jan 9, 2017 | Latest |

To top off a bumper December across the whole network, we are extremely pleased to share that our flagship hub channel hit 100,000 Subscribers! It’s a pretty special Silver Button to add to our collection in 2017.

The Subscriber Issue?

As raised in a recent video by PewDiePie, viewing of kids content differs greatly to regular Vlogs and entertainment content on YouTube. At WildBrain we see millions of views on multiple versions of the same content, and advise brands positioning themselves to parents and kids, that a regular and repetitive upload schedule of the same shows is no bad thing.  A lack of comments or likes is by no means a clear indicator of bots or paid for views. Engagement is better measured in Watch Time – which is high – and the volume of videos added to Playlists, showing users saving for later.

Check out the channel here 

Daily Uploads

The WildBrain channel features many top-quality shows from the DHX Media Library, and a host of WildBrain partners including Om Nom Stories, Sunny Bunnies and Spookiz.