Weekend Watching: Digital Kids Research Part 2

Jan 31, 2017 | Latest |

In part two of our research with Dubit, using their Trends Tracker, we’ve taken a lens to UK family viewing behaviour at the weekend. In the infographic below we highlight the devices parents and young kids are using through the weekend, and some useful tips for content makers and brands:

In Part 1 we saw mid-morning tablet use focussed on learning and education, with entertainment choices moving to later afternoon and evening. Co-viewing occurred later in the day. When we look at the weekend, there were a few different trends that stood out for creating a successful YouTube strategy…

TABLETS QUICKLY OVERTAKE TV BY 9AM. Although the TV is still a popular screen to assist with early morning distraction, tablet use soon kicks in with ⅕ youngsters choosing what they want to watch. Consider how little ones navigate this size of screen and the format of original shows and playlists.

FAMILY TIME TOGETHER at the weekend means parents can spend more time co-viewing and supervising earlier in the day. The amount of online videos viewed peaks between 12-2pm. Brands seeking to reach the all important decision makers could boost paid spend in this window, or retarget views from videos launched around this time.

SMARTPHONE USE increases in the afternoon as content choices turn to entertainment over education. Apps such as YouTube Kids benefit, with a product tailored for smaller screens. Content owners need to think about how to make their brand and channel stand out to attract repeat viewing, where there is no option to Subscribe.

The findings are drawn from Dubit Trends, a quarterly survey from a sample of 1,000 UK parents with a child age 5 or under.