This Week at WildBrain

May 31, 2016 | Latest |

It’s been another busy week for the team in London, reaching a number of milestones and launching the first video of our new science-toy-play series for youngsters aged 4-6.

Teletubbies channel tops 300,000 subscribers

First up, our Channel Management team celebrate a significant subscriber milestone for the Teletubbies channel. Boosted by the new season launch on CBeebies in the UK and soon to air on Nick JR in the US, the English language channel has grown 41% since last year and seen growth of 5% every month. Each week our WildBrain managers oversee new clips and classic episode uploads, as well as replying to daily comments and requests from the show’s loyal community of fans.

Brum tops 2m views and 6,000 subscribers on the official channel

Our little yellow car’s adventures on YouTube continue to prove popular with parents and their kids around the world. The top five markets for viewing are UK, US, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

Watch all episodes launched so far in this Playlist.

The Toy Team gets experimental

Our production team have been exploring a host of new toy play formats for The Toy Team channel. In this first instalment the brilliantly watchable Ben, tests some grotesquely entertaining bouncing slime and fart putty. We challenge you not to click play….