Teletubbies Channel Celebrates 400,000 Subscribers

Nov 17, 2016 | Latest |

Ehh-Ohh! Time to celebrate! Teletubbies Celebrates! The global channel continues its phenomenal growth towards half a million subscribers! Its regular upload schedule managed by our dedicated Channel Management team helps keep content fresh and ensures Teletubbies stays a popular YouTube destination. We’ve even got a further 12 localised language channels for the brand’s amazing international fans.

Each month videos on the Teletubbies channel are shared tens of thousands times, and see consistently high, overwhelmingly positive engagement which the Channel Management team actively encourage. We also make sure to include content for tent-pole events, for example holidays and seasons. This approach has worked, with the Halloween Special being our best performing video last month.

We think that deserves some Tubby Custard as a treat!


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