Endangered Species

A white seagull is sitting in a living room, on a blue couch hugging and squeezing and orange squirrel and a yellow rabbit.

A bunny, a squirrel and a seagull might be the most common park animals around, but in a certain tree stump that these particular critters call home, they are perpetually endangered!

Pickle is a hyper-imaginative bunny with a compulsive need to super-charge everything and have the Best! Adventure! Day! EVER! (Resistance is futile, Merl!) Merl is an overly suspicious and safety conscious squirrel, who believes a perfectly planned day at home is the key to surviving the dangerous and unpredictable world outside—and Pickle’s plans for fun. Gull the garbage-loving seagull may not be the brightest buoy on the ocean, but you’ll never find a more adoring (and malodorous) buddy. The most important thing to Gull is that his two bestest friends are happy…and close by. Forever. And ever and ever.

Three animal buddies living together in a tree stump might sound pretty tame, but everything that happens to this trio is seriously, hilariously wild! Every day-to-day happening in the stump becomes a treacherous, over-the-top, squash-and-stretch hyper romp adventure—no matter how hard Merl tries to avoid it. For being best friends, this wacky trio find themselves accidentally on the verge of mutual destruction an awful lot, whether by punching a hole in the universe while taking apart a puzzle, or by ordering a vacation-in-a-box that transforms the stump into a maze of raging rivers and rockslides.

Despite their differences and destructively fun-loving ways, these endangered species will remain bestest friends till the very end… no matter how much it hurts.

Target Audience: Kids

Format: 52 x 11 minutes (26 x 22 minutes)

Genre: 3-D Animation