New YouTube Space in London

Aug 16, 2016 | Latest, News, Youtube |

By Graham DeNure

Over the last few years YouTube has made a major push to support some of the most dedicated and subscribed creators on their platform, and nowhere else is this strategy more evident than the new YouTube Space. Created as places where creators can come and film, edit, and publish their videos, the YouTube spaces are essentially free-to-use studios fully manned with people and equipment that creators can use for their projects. A number of these spaces have been set up in places like L.A, New York, Tokyo, Toronto, and of course, WildBrain’s home town of London!

London’s YouTube space has been around for a while, but with Google’s re-location to it’s shiny, brand-new, King’s Cross office, they’ve taken the opportunity to build a bigger and better YouTube space- and guess who was invited to the opening night party?
We were lucky enough to send a small entourage to the ‘YouTube Space Rebooted’ party last Friday night, and get a first-hand look at the new digs. So whats new?

It’s a lot bigger.
The old space was pretty basic- a single hallway with a few smallish studios attached. The new space offers much larger studios- big enough for a decent performance. The space features a bunch of other amenities that were not offered before, like a lounge area with private seating (there is a section of seats & tables taken from a train!), as well as a small café. It’s also now a multi-story affair, with the downstairs offering additional storage that the old space was severely lacking.

Location, Location, Location.
The new space is situated right at Kings Cross railway station, which makes getting in and out super easy (especially if you’re coming in from out of town.) Fortunately it’s also still very close to WildBrain as well!

It just looks so damn cool!
Ok, maybe this one is not especially important, but it’s still worth mentioning. On first glance the space looks more like a trendy club than a studio. Think video walls, neon signs, converted train cars for seating, and of course the quintessential glowing YouTube play button stationed outside to let everyone know what’s up. It’s pretty typical of most YouTube/Google offices in this regard, but its always fun to see what quirky and creative ideas they come up with.

Overall the party was a great chance to get a general impression of the new space, catch up with some industry people, and do a bit of YouTube star spotting (the majority of attendees were independent YouTubers).