We have long been fans of the wonderful Mother Goose Club channels on YouTube so are thrilled to announce the news that we will manage the preeminent collection of pre-school education programmes, adding to our existing roster of leading YouTube channels.

Under the deal, our team will bring it’s significant experience to Mother Goose Club’s two flagship YouTube channels, Mother Goose Club and Mother Goose Club Playhouse, by taking over channel management and handling paid media campaigns. We will boost the presence of the brand by providing rights management and access to technical support, with the aim of increasing audiences and ad revenue.

Mother Goose Club is a popular series of educational programs for pre-schoolers and is produced by Sockeye Media, founded by Harry and Sona Jho. In addition to YouTube, Mother Goose Club is also distributed on Netflix and Amazon, broadcast nationally in the U.S. on local PBS stations and has won a wealth of industry awards, including nine EMMY® awards.

John Robson, Managing Director at WildBrain, says: “This deal for Mother Goose Club exemplifies our commitment to working with top brands and exceptional talent, and Harry and Sona are two of the best. Both WildBrain and Mother Goose Club are exceptionally driven to create new content and experiences for kids and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together.”


“We believe in bringing preschool content to the world,” says Harry Jho, Co-Creator of Mother Goose Club and CEO of Sockeye Media. “That mission is at the forefront of what we do at Sockeye, so the opportunity to work with WildBrain and expand our audience is immensely exciting. We are very much looking forward to our relationship with WildBrain and broadening our presence on YouTube and beyond.”

Mother Goose Club sign deal with WildBrain to manage YouTube channels