Meet Jon Gisby, WildBrain’s New Managing Director!

Published: July 25, 2018

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Meet the new Managing Director of WildBrain 

On Friday WildBrain was pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Gisby to the position of Managing Director.  

Jon brings twenty years of experience in the media sector, having held senior executive roles with video-on-demand platforms and broadcasters, such as leading music-video platform Vevo, the BBC and Channel 4, Yahoo! Europe, and Swedish streaming service Magine TV. Jon has a proven track record of driving growth by distributing and monetizing content in new online markets. 

After a busy first day meeting the team, we sat down with Jon to find out more about his background and vision for the future: 

Hello and welcome, Jon! Can you tell us a little about where you worked before you came to WildBrain 

Hello! Very happy to be here. Most recently I worked in the music video industry at Vevo, but before that I was at Channel 4, Yahoo!, Freeserve and the BBC. 

And how has your first week at WildBrain been?  

Awesome! The WildBrain team has given me the best possible welcome, and it’s been great to learn more about what they’ve achieved. 

How did you become interested in the children’s media sector?   

My mum was a toy designer and created a range of dinosaurs that became characters on a BBC show when I was growing up, so I’ve always had an interest. But more recently I’ve become fascinated in how kids are leading the changes in the way audiences find and watch great content as they migrate away from broadcast television. 

Did you have a favorite show as a child?  

SwapShop, of course! (It was the show my mum worked for). 

…And do you now have a favorite WildBrain Original Content show? 

In another life I’d like to be Ellie Explorer! 

We love Ellie too. Tell us what first attracted you to WildBrain? 

That’s easy! It’s a leader in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas of the media industry. And kids matter. 

What do you see as WildBrain’s greatest strength?  

I’m going to be cheeky and give you two. The team are amazing: I’ve been really impressed with their talent, creativity and enthusiasm. And also the brands and characters that we proudly represent and create. 

You’re clearly very well acquainted with the world of YouTube from your previous roles. Do you have a favorite channel?  

Too many to choose between. I watch a lot of TV and movie clips, and I’m still addicted to some obscure music channels. And I’m quickly catching up on Caillou! 

And lastly…What is your vision for WildBrain moving forward?  

Engaging kids with content they love, globally. 

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