Learnings from YouTube’s Family Summit

Aug 5, 2016 | Latest, News |

By Jack Day, YouTube Channel Manager

Recently I attended the ‘Family Entertainment and Education Summit’ in LA on behalf of WildBrain. On the agenda was a wealth of topics, including building a media business, kids’ digital media and content brainstorm sessions. Industry experts around content development, monetization, design, and products feature were there to give their insights.
It was a real privilege to be invited and a fantastic opportunity to meet, network and listen to the YouTube Leadership Team, other content curators and attendees. (Family Summit)
Here are some important learnings I gathered whilst out there:

1: Don’t ignore old content – it’s still valuable
Head of Family & Learning, Kate Rushworth, gave a great talk around balancing old and new content on a channel. She kindly reminded us that “the oldest content on the channel is sometimes just as valuable as the newest”. Make sure to update metadata -even months after upload – to follow current trends. That way, we keep ALL content on the channel(s) fresh!

2: Using VR technology to educate and inspire
VR is a big priority for YouTube, and recently launched they Google Expeditions, which enables teachers to take students on virtual school trips to landmarks around the world, underwater, and even outer space! They’re made up of collections of virtual reality panoramas — 360° panoramas and 3D images. A fantastic, interactive initiative which offers children a unique learning experience of the wider world around them.

3: The Four E’s
YouTube industry leaders repeatedly referred to a concept they called ‘4E’s’ when it comes to kids’ content:

Entertain – is your audience going to want to stick through your video from start to finish?
Enrich – does your video encourage viewers to want to learn more and discover for themselves?
Explore – encourage explorability with annotations, end-cards and i-cards pointing to relevant and family-friendly content
Engage – An engaged, conversational channel is always a winner. Encourage users to post their thoughts in the comments and answer any questions you pose in the video!

4: Make the most of big cultural events
Big cultural events (also known as “tent-pole” events) throughout the year are a great opportunity for creators in many ways, most notably Christmas, Thanksgiving or sporting events such including the World Cup or the Olympics. Working together with other channels in advance of big events offers a great opportunity for cross promotion across similar audiences. The ultimate goal of which is to create a more engaged, collaborative, learning experience for the viewer – and adding views and subscribers for the channels involved. Everyone’s a WINNER!