Learning the Alphabet with ‘Everything Beginning With’

Published: June 26, 2019

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‘Everything Beginning With’ is the latest comedy show from the creative minds in our production team, and is sure to make the whole family smile. The blend of live action and animation aims to take children aged 4 to 6 years on an educational journey of exploration through letters of the alphabet and some seriously catchy songs.

To find out what inspired this wonderfully wacky idea to come to life, we’ve been speaking to the very talented WildBrain Lead Producer, Nico Lockhart, and Director, Simon Matthews.

Let’s start at the beginning…. What is ‘Everything Beginning With…’ all about? 

Nico: “Everything Beginning With is a silly, surreal, sketch show which uses the alphabet as a springboard into wacky scenarios focusing on humour and fun. We have segments which teach kids new words with each letter, interesting and fun facts, bizarre skits, and hilariously catchy songs.” 

What inspired you to create a show about the alphabet?   

Simon: “I wanted to make a comedy sketch show for kids that was weird and crazy, and easy to follow with a single theme; a letter. And everything begins with a letter, so the hardest part was choosing what to feature!” 

“One minute there is flying broccoli and the next is a bear brushing its teeth. It’s random and I love that.”

There are lots of ‘educational’ shows on YouTube, what makes this one different?  

Simon:“We teach important lessons such as creativity, silliness, and using one’s imagination!  And of course, the most important lesson – learning new, and often funny sounding words, which I hope kids use in their school lessons.”

“What teacher wouldn’t be impressed with the word ‘collywobbles’?!” 

The script is packed full of cute – and often crazy – characters. Which one of them is your favourite and why?  

Simon: “Not a character per se, but the songs are awesome! They are catchy, funny and pretty weird. Plus, the animations look great. I find myself still humming the ‘Clouds Song’. Also, parents beware! Your little one will love ‘The Big Song’ and demand it to played every day.” 

Sounds intriguing! So apart from great songs, why do you think kids, and parents, are going to love it?  

Simon: “I think YouTube needs a show for children that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with jokes that will appeal to kids, adults and pets.” 

Nico: “It has value on different layers, it’ll make you laugh out loud at the punchlines, or giggle at the stupidity of a sunflower and a broccoli chatting about going to space. Plus, there are some nice parts where kids (and adults) will learn!”

Simon: “‘Everything Beginning With’ is not afraid to be bonkers which I hope kids will love… and if they don’t, I’ll send The Fact King round!”


Curious as to who The Fact King is? Or just want to find out more? Check out WildBrain’s ‘Everything Beginning With’ channel and watch the latest episodes here:  Everything Beginning With

Posted by Grace Williams

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