Toy Play on YouTube with Fungus Amungus

Apr 19, 2016 | Latest, Toy Play & Unboxing, Youtube |

We are really proud of our new series for Vivid Imaginations UK, featuring the sticky toy sensations Fungus Amungus Toys!

Our original toy play series was created in the UK by the WildBrain production team. The videos are part of a channel building strategy by WildBrain for Vivid, to build long term value for the brand via a successful YouTube channel that harnesses fan viewing and engagement.

The show has been distributed across the WildBrain network, including weekly slot on our Toy Shop channel which now boasts 11,000 subscribers, and 5.2 million lifetime views with it’s weekly schedule of simple toy unboxing and toy play videos.

Check out the Fungus Amungus Channel here 

Watch our awesome fun guy presenters Bill and Ben play FunGuy games!