Fan Feedback! What do kids have to say about Kiddyzuzaa?

Published: June 28, 2019

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At WildBrain, it’s so important for us to hear what our fans think of the shows we create. Producing great entertainment for kids is our passion but knowing that it connects with its audience is what keeps us doing it. In our latest piece of audience research, we conducted a qualitative interview with 33 eager fans of the hit princess YouTube channel, Kiddyzuzaa.

Aimed at girls aged 3-7 years, WildBrain’s Kiddyzuzaa channel is home to the modern-day princess, where adventurous girls do not need to conform to the traditional idea of a princess. They live like normal children but in a magical world where THEY make the rules and certainly have fun doing it. The episodes follow best friends and princesses, Olivia, Esme, Lilliana and Isabella, on their wacky escapades that are regularly disturbed by Kiddyzuzaa’s resident witch, Malice.

Now that’s enough from us, let’s hear how the show fared with the panel. Check out the super cute fan feedback in the full video and read the highlights below.

What do you like about Kiddyzuzaa?

Our resident witch, Malice, was the clear stand out from a character perspective. The audience loved the mischief and trouble she brings to the show with her pranks.

Overall, themes of fun, excitement (33%) and imagination delivered positive feedback, with an interesting point raised regarding the confidence of the princesses.

What don’t you like about Kiddyzuzaa?

Thankfully for us, “I like all of it” (42%) was a very common answer, with many girls struggling to think of anything that could have been improved. Thank you, ladies.

From a production perspective, the change of actors in different roles was referenced and sometimes found confusing, along with the speed of talking. We’ll take this on board.

What happened in your favourite episode?

The scenes our audience liked most centred around food (37%), with particular mentions of our Zuzaachef series. It’s a firm favourite here, too.

Other highlights revolved around Malice’s mischievous antics, from squirting her slime gun to using her magic type writer. The wacky and wonderful is certainly working. Unsurprisingly for the age group, slime is still as popular as ever.

What makes a modern-day princess?

While there were a considerable number of comments about what princesses should typically wear (dresses, crowns, tiaras), it was a treasure to hear that kindness (47%) came out king. Our audience said that princesses should be kind to others, treat people equally and with respect that makes others feel safe and happy.

If you could make an episode, what would the princesses get up to?

Our Kiddyzuzaa girls are certainly adventurous, with ideas of camping, climbing mountains and visiting the jungle being suggested

The magic of time travel is definitely still a wonder for our audience, with suggestions including being transported to the dinosaur era.

Lastly, we’re very happy to hear that our audience would like to continue seeing pranks from Malice. We can certainly deliver more.


Thank you to the girls for your feedback. These answers are so valuable and will be used to inform and evolve our show and the scripts we write moving forward.

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Posted by Grace Williams

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