We’re off to the Digital Kids Show!

Oct 7, 2016 | Latest |

Kid Versus Adult is our YouTube contest channel where kids get to take on adults at their favourite games! Each week we find the best funny games to test on our show, and we see who has the nerves, the talent and the skills to win.

The WildBrain Marketing team are thoroughly excited to be heading to the Digital Kids Show, which is being held at Media City in Manchester on October 29 and 30. We’ll be hosting Kid Versus Adult challenges all day long at the YouTube Kids stand, asking youngsters and their parents to go head-to-head and win prizes.

If you’re planning to attend this year’s event, do stop by, and if you haven’t yet got tickets you can buy them here now.

If you want to get some practise in first, here is a taste of the games on offer: Wet Head, Jumbo Jenga, Boom Boom Balloon and Kerplunk! We’re hoping to tempt some of your favourite YouTube celebs to play too!


Watch the Blind Feeling Challenge