A Day in the Life of a Digital Kid: UK Research Findings

Dec 8, 2016 | Latest |

Every day at WildBrain we track viewing across hundreds of YouTube channels and hundreds of thousands of videos on the platform.

To further help our teams and partners understand the behaviour and motivations that lead to this viewing, we teamed up with leading kids research agency Dubit, using their Trends Tracker to take a look daily consumption of digital video in UK homes with young children.

For the first part of this project we have looked at the UK parents with children up to 5, during Weekdays. It’s no surprise how active young viewers are in using tablets and phones, but there were some key take outs when managing YouTube content to highlight;

CO-VIEWING IS HIGH with parents the main gatekeepers helping to navigate what to start watching. Search is key: distinct titles, thumbnails and descriptions must help them determine appropriate content.

TABLETS are widely used for learning and education through the morning; an opportunity for brands with content that assists in key skills learning to publish daily at this time

EMOTIONAL SCHEDULING: as the day winds down, children get more of a free run on tablets, and turn to shows they know and feel like watching. Tablet use peaks between 4-6pm, with content choices such as nursery rhymes and bedtime storybook read-alongs increasing.

The findings are drawn from Dubit Trends, a quarterly survey from a sample of 1,000 UK parents with a child age 5 or under.

Global Parent Survey by DHX Media & IPSOS

If you’re still hungry for more insights… do check out the recently published Survey by our parent company DHX Media and IPSOS, who conducted an extensive study of families in the US, UK and Canada, to review broader viewing habits of children 0-12 and their parents.

Read the release here.