Cyber ​​Group Studios Appoints WildBrain to Enhance and Develop Its Global Digital Strategy

Published: February 13, 2018

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WildBrain is pleased to announce the addition of Cyber Group Studios to it’s network.

Cyber Group Studios is a French producer and distributor of award-nominated kids’ content, best known for their hit TV series, Zou, and Zorro: The Chronicles.

We look forward to working closely with Cyber Group Studios to enhance their online presence over the coming year.

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Paris, Monday February 12th, 2018 – Paris-based producer and distributor Cyber ​​Group Studios has appointed YouTube kids’ specialist WildBrain to enhance and develop its YouTube channels and digital presence worldwide. After opening new offices in Los Angeles (USA) and Tourcoing (Haut-de-France) and signing a new financial partnership with L-GAM, the French producer and distributor Cyber Group Studios plans to dramatically ramp up their digital strategy by working with online video specialists, WildBrain.

WildBrain, a leading digital kids’ network & studio, will use its cutting-edge technology and data-rich analytics to manage Cyber ​​Group Studios’ YouTube channels worldwide, and extend their international exposure on digital platforms by providing audience development expertise. WildBrain will also focus on growing Cyber Group’s channels in more than 150 countries across multiple languages. WildBrain’s experienced team will handle YouTube channel and rights management for Cyber Group Studios’ key brands — including the Emmy Kids Awards-nominated series Zou and TV France International Export Prize-nominated series Zorro The Chronicles — and grow the digital presence of all other series in Cyber Group Studios’ catalogue, along with upcoming series in development.

WildBrain and Cyber Group Studios will also explore the joint development of new productions exclusively for digital platforms and expect to announce the first new production this coming spring.

Pierre Sissmann, Cyber Group Studios, says: “I am thrilled to collaborate with WildBrain, whose worldwide expertise will accompany Cyber Group Studios in its new developments in the digital space.”

Jon Benoy, WildBrain, adds: “Cyber Group Studios are at an exciting juncture as they expand internationally and look to platforms like YouTube to grow their brands globally. We look forward to helping them realise their ambitious plans for digital growth in 2018.”


Cyber Group Studios is a French independent multi awarded company which produces and distributes its own and third party audiovisual productions and brand. The company handles programs with strong international appeal targeted to kids and families in particular, 3D CGI and 2D HD, animation products (TV series and movies) targeted at 2-12 years old kids and teens, HD animation series, for “Triple Play” broadcast (web, mobile phones, TV). Its mission is to bring the best quality entertainment associating to the best creative talent around the world and to develop breakthrough technology to enhance its productions. The company’s aim is also to associate to other top producers in the world to help bring them to market, outstanding new productions, through Cyber Group Studios distribution network.

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