Making our debut on the Creator Academy

Jul 4, 2016 | Latest, Youtube |

Google recently asked Tara Craze, Senior Channel Manager and Dane Hagan, Network Operations Manager to help them make a video guide to using the ‘Campaigns’ feature on YouTube Campaigns.


Our team are big fans of this useful YouTube tool, and were happy to share their top tips for channels looking to grow viewing and subscribers.

Our advice for getting started using YouTube Campaigns…

  1. Get your Thumbnails/Art and metadata right: A very important thing to keep in mind is how your campaign looks to an audience. How you target your campaign is crucial but you need to ensure that what is displaying to those audiences is optimized.
  2. Vary the offering: One tip we have is running multiple Campaigns across the same sets of labels or assets. Audiences are often engaging with multiple videos in their YouTube session, you wouldn’t see a great overall return by serving them the same Campaign iCard across all of those views. By varying your Campaigns across the same content, you help minimize the diminishing returns from viewers watching the same content multiple times.
  3. Take time to set up demographic groups: Campaigns on UGC can be really effective at driving to official channels, and growing your subscribers. When we are not able to promote brand to brand we use YouTube analytics to group like content together and promote different content to similar audiences.
  4. Change things up: Don’t forget to rotate and update your Campaigns to keep the viewing experience for your audience fresh. Adapting your Campaigns as you see changes to the platform is essential.