Celebrating 10 Major Channel Subscriber Milestones!

Feb 10, 2017 | Latest |

The beginning of 2017 has been a special time for WildBrain and its partners, with the following 10 channels recording fantastic growth and hitting record numbers of subscribers!

Bo on the go! — 50,000 Subscribers

Each week, in either a compilation or a full episode, the blue-haired Bo invites her Bo-Buddies to join her on action-packed adventures. Viewers help her by completing tasks such as standing on tippy toes, running on the spot or walking like a penguin!

Fireman Sam Global — 250,000 Subscribers

Firefighters are still children’s biggest heroes, according to the phenomenal numbers of subscribers for both the Fireman Sam global and Fireman Sam US channels, now reaching close to half a million in total! It’s not surprising, with the bi-weekly uploads of unmissable episodes from new seasons and addictive “best of” compilations.

The Fixies — 25,000 Subscribers

The Fixies are always busy, springing into action twice a week over several episodes, and using their teeny tiny hands to help 10 year old Tom Thomas solve his problems and learn fascinating new things.

In the Night Garden — 150,000 Subscribers

Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka continue to explore the magical place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination. They entertain pre-school aged children twice a week with compilations and a fresh new full episode, which means at least 1 hour of fun in the magical forest each week!

Johnny Test — 75,000 Subscribers

Cool cat Johnny Test keeps expanding his super army of super hero fans, with a with a new episode and compilation every week.

Lazy Town Arabic — 50,000 Subscribers

WildBrain continues to expand internationally, with the Arabic channel for the Icelandic show Lazy Town hitting 50,000 subscribers. With a mix of full episodes, compilations and music videos uploaded weekly, the channel is proof that high quality content transcends cultural barriers and is appreciated the world over.

Miraculous Ladybug — 100,000 Subscribers

With regular weekly uploads and lots of exclusive content, the Miraculous Ladybug channel has seen rapid growth and now boasts 100,000 Subscribers. The French speaking audience in particular has a hugely engaged community, with 10 Creators producing their own original ideas to celebrate Valentine’s. Their videos helped drive traffic back to the official channel helping us reach this epic milestone for Valentines Day!

Teletubbies — 450,000 Subscribers

Featuring two uploads a week of full episodes, toyplay videos and compilations, the ever popular favourite for preschoolers draws closer and closer to the milestone of half a million subscribers. Time to start the countdown!

WildBrain em Português — 50,000 Subscribers

Last but not least, after our global flagship hub channel achieved YouTube’s ‘Silver Play Button’ last month, the localised Portuguese language WildBrain channel is hot on the trail, now with 50,000 subscribers of its own. Another reason to be proud!