Life Lessons Kids Adults Can Learn Watching Cody

Four Life Lessons Children (and Adults) Can Learn from Cody

Caught up in the whirlwind of adult responsibilities, it can be easy to assume that kids’ shows have no greater lessons to teach us adults. To a busy, stressed out parent, they can easily belong to two main categories:  

  1. Colorful and fun, but lacking any real message (the TV equivalent of eating candy for dinner). 
  2. Educative, but ultimately boring to your little one (who, let’s face it, probably loves candy). 

However, beyond the giggling, the loud colors, and the clownish yet lovable host, some kids’ TV shows are packed with powerful and surprisingly profound life lessons (for children and parents!). You just need to know where to look for them… 

One such show is Cody, WildBrain’s latest edu-tainment show hosted by a goofy oversized kid who goes by the same name. Each episode takes Cody on a new adventure exploring places that kids might have questions about, while learning about animals, colors and counting in the process. 

So, what can we learn from a big kid like Cody? 

      1. The Importance of Curiosity 

Curiosity is an essential step in a child’s learning process. Finding ways to stoke and maintain your child’s curiosity about everything they encounter is a great way to ensure that they will grow up with an open mind and attitude towards the world. 

But it’s vital to stay curious at any age. Just because you’re the adult now doesn’t mean you have to stop learning and asking questions about anything you feel passionately about. Marveling more often at the world around you helps to keep you grounded and scientists say it can even ward off feelings of depression!*     

       2.The Importance of Staying Active 

Cody goes on all sorts of adventures outdoors, and has an amazing time discovering and learning about new things. 

In this virtual age, where one can put off even going grocery shopping forever, it’s more important than ever to strive to stay active in the Real World Outside. 

Kids learn from Cody that the outside is where all the great adventures happen, and he encourages us to interact with our surroundings comfortably and with confidence.  

Maybe parents also need a reminder sometimes that all the great adventures and opportunities take place outside one’s own comfort zone?   

        3. To become more familiar with and excited about healthy habits 

This one may seem mostly directed at kids, but, honestly, we’ve all munched on a bag of chips in front of the TV after work. Cody delivers this lesson in such an accessible and entertaining manner that it makes you crave an apple or a carrot.  

In the marketplace episode, for example, he turns learning about fruits and veggies into an adventure and appeals to children’s senses in the process. The veggies are shown in bright, exciting colors as Cody practices naming each of them and then counts the sweet potatoes (yum!). Finding the berries becomes a quest for the final, most coveted star and ends with a mention of Cody’s favorite breakfast – porridge with raspberries. Can’t get any healthier than that!   

         4. Finally, Patience 

Cody’s quests are structured step by step for more fun learning. Kids don’t get overwhelmed with information and remain engaged throughout thanks to Cody’s bubbly personality. And, in the process, they learn that everything takes time and that waiting pays off.  

That’s a lesson the adults need too, sometimes. With all the rush and hustle of jobs, parenting and adulting, we tend to forget that everything is a process and, more often than not, the journey is more exciting than the destination. 


So next time you snuggle up with your little ones for an episode or two, watch out for these helpful life lessons you can both learn from this playful and rambunctious character.  



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