2 Million Princesses Subscribe to YouTube Channel

2 Million Princesses Subscribe to YouTube Channel

Is your child a fan of all-things-princess? Do tiaras and wands litter your living room? Are you forever vacuuming glitter from your carpet or combing it from hair? If so, you may want to join the whopping two million other families who have now subscribed to WildBrain’s leading princess channel on YouTube, Kiddyzuzaa!

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Kiddyzuzaa is a one-stop-shop for all magical make-believe princess fun. With over 100 videos on the channel, and with 3 – 4 new episodes uploaded every week, it’s no wonder that Kiddyzuzaa has built a massive fan base amongst the digi-kids of today.

So what can you expect from the episodes? Think wacky adventures that involve lots of toy play, candy, slime, and of course GIANT surprise eggs!

But for all their craziness, you can also find videos that help your child in their every day. Episodes such as ‘Princesses learn to count’, ‘Princess bedtime routine’ and ‘Princesses go back to school’ which are all aimed at helping kids better understand the world they live in – as told by other, like-minded children.

WildBrain has lots in store for the brand in 2018 – including the introduction of a ‘Princesses for Parents 101’ Kiddyzuzaa Facebook page, and a sparkly new animated series. So keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be an exciting year!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this episode of Kiddyzuzaa and for more episodes visit our YouTube channel HERE

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