Learn with Brum

Mar 8, 2016 | Latest |

Say hello to our little yellow car, always looking for adventure and new skills to learn. If he looks familiar to you, then you may recognise him as Brum, from the classic kids TV series! Brum Learning

YouTube is now a popular destination for early learning content, so we have created a new series of made-for-YouTube videos perfect for preschool children and their parents to enjoy.

Brum is very active, always zipping around and trying to be helpful, even if his excitement sometimes gets him into a little bit of trouble. Brum’s friends keep him company: a collection of animals named, Moo, Baa, Tweet, Nay, Woof, Truck and Quack. He is always on a new adventure, exploring new things in his world and having lots of fun.

Each simple story assists in the development of speech, helping little ones as they learn names, sounds, letters, and songs.

New videos will be uploaded weekly and focus on key early learning skills in a fun and engaging way.


Watch Brum’s Car Wash Adventure